Blue-spaWomen's Treatments

60-75 Minutes of Pampering $120 ea unless noted


The Day Spa Signature Facial

So effective, it will become part of your monthly skincare regimen. A deep, pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial targeting skin at the cellular level, massaging the dermis layer and moisturizing upper skin layers for a natural, healthy glow.

Vitality Facial

Prevent the visible signs of aging with this gentle, yet effective combination of anti-oxidants and anti-pollution serums gently applied to deeply protect from the inside out. Recommended for all to fight aging caused by external influencers.

Resurfacing Fruit Acid Facial

Glowing results with your first treatment. This anti-aging facila brings out the skin's natural glow, restoring smoothness and youth. Allow your best self to be revealed with organically sourced natural fruits and a nurturing, super-hydrating fruit mask, which helps to smooth & regenerate new cell growth. Complexion becomes noticeably smoother and brighter without a hint of sensitivity. A series of 4 treatments is recommended for optimal results.

Advanced Optimizer Facial with Hibiscus

Using tropical hibiscus and lupine peptides, skin is revitalized and recontoured. The sensation is divine, the improvement is extraordinary. The complexion is fabulously strengthened with a much improved definition and skin tone.

Intense Hydration Facial

An oasis of deeply moisturizing and active natural extracts including seaweed and fruit extracts optimized for high performance to revitalize skin that needs an extra boost of hydration. With two different masque applications, facial massage and a fine aromatic mist. This treatment provides long lasting results for supple, soft, beautiful skin.

Purifying Facial for Problem Skin

Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive, highly curative treatment that deals seriously with the issues of acne outbreaks. By regulating the production of sebum instead of merely drying out the skin as well as controlling inflammations, this therapeutic facial produces measurable and tangible results. 1hr
Four Treatment Series $440 • Eight Treatment Series $840

Calming Facial

A soothing treatment series that protects your sensitive skin from daily stressors and strengthens its natural defenses. 1hr
Four Treatment Series $440 • Eight Treatment Series $840

Revitalization Combo for Face, Legs & Hands

An energizing, hydrating treatment refreshes skin and is a complete "picker-upper". Great for dehydrated skin suffering from the elements.

Firming Duo for Face & Body

A lifting and firming treatment for face combined with a firming and smoothing treatment for body to reshape all contours. Use this as a remedy for dull skin in need of a refresher, post-maternity or after weight loss.


Male-spaMen's Treatments

60-75 Minutes of Stress Relief $120 each unless noted

Skin Fitness

Bounce back from stress and toxins with a deeply cleansing, pore refining and relaxing facial that brightens skin and reduces imperfections.

Power Moist

Dive in with this instant hydration treatment that removes impurities and penetrates into the skin for long-lasting relief from dryness.

Age Defense

Take a dose of vitality with natural serums that remove the years and gently restore a youthful essence.

Mini Escape Facial $70

35 Minutes, a great Lunch Hour treatment
Discover the secrets and experience the scents of Yon Ka that nurture, restore, de-stress, and bring a healthy glow.

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